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ADVO/Hope To Opportunities Foundation

Non-Profit Organization

(806) 690-8777

Team Uptown

Member Since:

March 1, 2023

Rick McElroy is a dedicated professional and compassionate advocate for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). With a strong background in both the corporate world and volunteering, Rick has made a significant impact in the lives of others. 

Rick currently works for Advo Companies, utilizing his expertise to drive positive change and support individuals with IDD. However, his journey extends beyond the confines of a traditional career. For many years prior to 2023, Rick selflessly dedicated his time and efforts to volunteering, working tirelessly to uplift those in need. 

In early 2023, Rick took on a pivotal role as the General Manager of Hope Village, a transformative endeavor aimed at creating a transitional vocational work program for individuals with IDD. He is very excited to open this innovative program that will provide valuable opportunities for individuals to develop their skills and find meaningful employment. 

Through his unwavering commitment and genuine care for others, Rick has become an inspirational figure in the field of IDD support. His dedication to helping individuals with IDD achieve their full potential shines through in every aspect of his work and volunteering. Rick's tireless efforts have touched the lives of many, making a lasting impact on the community and fostering a brighter future for those he serves.

Rick McElroy
Rick McElroy
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