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April 26, 2024

Texas born and raised, Allissa Maldonado spent five years
working as a licensed realtor helping clients find and
secure their dream home. Over those 5 years, Allissa
discovered that the lending process was filled with
misconceptions and was confusing for a lot of people.
Dedicated to providing a positive and transparent
experience for her clients, she decided to transition into the
lending world to help arm clients with the knowledge and
information they need to get proper finances.
Having obtained her master’s degree in Business
Administration, she knew there had to be a better way to
help her clients secure loans that fit their needs. That was
when she decided to join forces with Mortgage Link, a tight
knit work family that truly cares about its clients and strives
to provide them with the quickest, easiest, and most
exceptional experience when trying to find a home.
Although she’s only been in the mortgage industry for just
three years, Allissa has truly shined in her Loan Officer
position having already assisted in closing over 250 loans
through a multitude of different programs.
Allissa continues to pride herself on finding programs and
loans that fit her customers and leave them feeling
confident in their home buying decisions. When she’s not
in the office, you can find her working out, camping,
reading a good book, and spending time with her husband
Khoury and their friends. If you’re looking for someone who
still believes that the customer is more important than the
bottom line, then look no further than Mrs. Maldonado.

Allissa Maldonado
Allissa Maldonado
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